This collection of thoughts comes from Instant Calm and The Little Book of Calm, by Paul Wilson. Follow them and they will keep you calm through even the most difficult moments.

1. Breathe deeply

As you breathe in, feel your lower abdomen (not your chest) swell. Slow each breath down until you are breathing about 8-10 times a minute. Then listen to each breath coming and going. 

2. Move slowly

Calm people move at a relaxed pace, speak at a relaxed pace, breathe at a relaxed pace. Consciously slow down these actions and you will become calm. 

3. Relax your face

To relax the tension that gathers in the facial area, slightly raise the eyebrows (relaxes the brow muscles), place your tongue against the roof of your mouth (the jaw muscles), then smile (the cheek muscles).

4. Massage your feet 

You can access the reflexology points that help you relax by pressing your fist in the hollow of your foot. Slowly press up as you breathe out.

5. Have a lavender bath

Add 5 drops of lavender oil to a warm bath, turn off the lights, and listen to your breathing. Better still, listen recordings designed to relax, such as DEEP CALM.

6. Write down your worry

It's amazing how quickly your anxieties vanish when you write them down and see them in their true perspective.

7. Listen to the quiet

If you can't imagine what "quiet" sounds like, choose a recording that will ease you into that state of mind. DEEP CALM and such albums were designed to achieve these calm states of mind. 

8. Press on your wrist

Apply a downward pressure to the acupressure point inside of your wrist - in line with your middle finger, two thumb widths from your palm - as you breathe out. 

9. Walk

Any exercise will help you work off stress. For most of us, walking is the most relaxing exercise of all. Do it whenever you feel tense. 

10. Apply total effort

One of the best ways to forget your stresses and anxieties is to direct your total concentration to the task at hand. It's also the most enjoyable way to work, to eat, to make love.

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